The embrace of hands and heart

Theo Design

is the brainchild of Carla and Simone who, after earning both a degree in architecture in Venice, begin to carry out research, creation and consultancy in the field of design. In love with life and nature in all its forms, they have always addressed their research path towards matter, texture, colors, and shapes. On this basis Theo Design can be seen not only as an artistic lab, but also as a point of meeting of designers, artists and architects who make it a place for discussion of creative and research experiences based on craftsmanship and high- quality decoration.

The value of passion

Theo Design identity is strictly bonded to the creation of design objects and pieces of furniture where research, creativity, attention for details and experience merge themselves to give life to a unique reality in the world of handcrafts and arts in general.

Beauty above anything else

From the selection and blending of the best and strongest clay, to the research on enamels and materials, passing through the experience and taste of the artist-artisan, Theo Design creates objects whose accuracy on shapes and decorations, privilege beauty and artistic value more than simple market rules.

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